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  • 12 Mar 2020 10:28
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    WANTED brass tube or rod 2.3mm od or 2/32" od

    73 David G3UNA

  • 28 Mar 2020 21:52
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    Have a look on Ebay, I get small brass tube from there often as they are used in the High Power Splitters I build with 7/16th connectors, the brass comes from model suppliers

    Adrian G0KOM

  • 07 Oct 2020 18:29
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    I have a stack of brass threaded studding, Its 3mm dia. Is that going to be too thick for you?

    Rob G2BKZ

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  • 08 Oct 2020 09:53
    Reply # 9291239 on 8822905

    I saw the latest post, but see the original post was a while ago.  If you still have a need, there are two model engineering companies that might be able to help.

    Noggin end metals

    College engineering supplies


    Dave  G3UEG

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