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CDXC Geoff Watts Memorial Trophy

CDXC sponsors the Geoff Watts Memorial Trophy but the award is administered and delivered by RSGB. This is in memory of Geoff Watts, the founder of the RSGB Islands on the Air Awards Programme.   It is a non-returnable trophy awarded to the leading IOTA island home station in the July RSGB IOTA Contest.



 2023 DK3R 
2021(not awarded) 
2020 DK3R 
2019 LZ0I 
2018 LZ0I 
2017 EI7M 
2016 DL1KZA 
2014 DL1KZA 
2013 IC8R 
2012  IS0/OM8A 
2011  GJ6YB 
2010  GJ6YB 
2009  IS0/OM8A 
2008  GJ6YB 
2007 DR6IOTA
2006 MD4K
2005 9A8RR
2004 9A0R
2003 9A1V
2002 9A0R
2001 CQ9K
2000 GU8D
1998 P39P
1997 GI7J

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