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CDXC LF Challenge

The Penallt Trophy, given in memory of Allan Phillips, GW0BIC, is awarded to the CDXC member who works the most DXCC entities on the 1.8, 3.5 and 7MHz bands during the month of March each year (January prior to 2005). Each DXCC entity is counted once only, regardless of how many bands or how many modes that entity is worked on. No QSL cards are required, but logs are spot-checked through Club Log matches and other electronic means. There is no minimum number of entities worked in order to qualify.

All CDXC members are encouraged to enter the competition by uploading their logs to G7VJR's Club Log and enabling the LF Challenge in their Club Log profile.  Paper submissions for entry into the LF Challenge are no longer accepted, starting with the 2013 LF Challenge.  Members are encouraged to upload logs regularly, at least once per week.  In keeping with recent rule changes in large contests, uploads need to be completed and the competition will be closed five days after the end of the Challenge period.

The Penallt Trophy and the Tindle Cup awarded to the runner-up, are very attractive silver cups and well worth winning. Salvers are awarded to the third placed station and to the highest scorer on each band.

Expanded results for each year are shown on separate web pages listed in the index.

Previous Winners


 Penallt Trophy


 Tindle Cup


2019 PJ4DX 121 TRAD M0NKR 147 MGM 
2018M0NKR 181 5B4AIF 170 
2017 G3ZAY 168 5B4AIF 152 
2016 G5LP 147 WX4G 146 
2015 M0IKW 155 G5LP 145 
2014  M0IKW  152  G3SJJ  128 
2013  G5LP  125  G3ZSS  116 
2012  PA3FQA  163  EI7BA  162 
2011 MD0CCE 142 G3LZQ 112 
 2010  G3SJJ  168  M0BJL  163 
 2009 G0CGL 177 MD0CCE 174
 2008 EI9FBB 141 5B4AHJ 127
 2007 5B4AHJ 102 M0BKV 44
 2006 GM3POI 175 WK3N 150
 2005 G4WFQ 168 G3SJJ 160
 2004 G3TBK 125 GW3KDG 110
 2003 G3LAS 137 GU4YOX 132
 2002 G3LZQ 108 G4IRN 69
 2001 G3LZQ 151 G4OBK 67
 2000 GW3JXN 136 WK3N 135
 1999  G3LZQ & G3PTJ 118


The Penallt Troppenallt.jpghy & Tindle Cup

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