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Remote Operation and DXCC Credits

The DX Advisory Committee of the ARRL were reviewing in late 2013 the rules pertaining to DXCC Credits for QSOs with and by remotely operated stations.

Asked by the Chair of the DXAC, Arne Gjerning, N7KA to collate CDXC member's views, the CDXC Committee appealed for a volunteer. David Gould, G3UEG, who himself had set up two successful remotely operated stations, stepped forward and designed and administered an on-line survey of members.

The resulting findings were submitted to DXAC on 17th December 2013 for their consideration.

You can read our submission here.

N.B. errata. Please note that in the report we say the questionnaire "
had been tested with a few of our Honour Role members ..." - this is incorrect, it was tested on some of our 'DX Hall of Fame' members.

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