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2015 CDXC DX Marathon Challenge

2015 was the second year of the CDXC DX Marathon Challenge, and it saw an increase both in numbers of participants (255, up from 198 last year) and their geographic diversity (45 DXCCs on 6 continents, up from 27 last year).   Joe Riesert W1JR, in his annual “Year in Review” published in W3UR’s Daily DX®, estimated that 293 DXCCs were active in 2015, up from 286 last year.

Oms PY5EG took top honours as the top-scoring overall member, with 288 DXCCs worked in 2015.  He was closely followed by Oscar Luis EA1DR and Wayne N0UN, both with 283 DXCCs, the order of finish being decided by Band-Slots.  Andy G4EZT, in 4th place overall, was the UK high scoring station, while 15 CDXC members had final scores of at least 90% of PY5EG’s final winning score.

The top CDXC score for CW of 261 was a three-way tie among Lionel G5LP, Oms PY5EG and Andy G4EZT, with Lionel G5LP being decided the winner by Band-Slots.   The top CDXC score for SSB was achieved by Wayne N0UN with a score of 280. 

The top-scoring Foundation licensee was Darren M3DFW for the second year, with a score of 176, while the top-scoring Intermediate licensee was Paul 2E1AYS for the second year with 173.  The only participant to enter the Rookie Class (less than three years of Full licence) this year was David M0OSA, with a score of 99.  The top scoring CDXC non-member was Barry N2BJ with a score of 274.

The final rankings for the winners were:


Award Call Sign DXCCs
Overall Winner - Club Log Trophy PY5EG 288
CW High Score - GM4FAM Trophy G5LP 261
SSB High Score - G3NUG Trophy N0UN 280
2nd Place Overall Winner - Salver EA1DR 283
3rd Place Overall Winner - Salver N0UN 283
4th Place Overall Certificate G4EZT 277
5th Place Overall Certificate WN4N 276
6th Place Overall Certificate ZL2IFB 271
7th Place Overall Certificate G4CCZ 271
8th Place Overall Certificate G5LP 268
9th Place Overall Certificate G3TTJ 266
10th Place Overall Certificate G4PTJ 265
1st Place - Foundation Class M3DFW 176
1st Place - Intermediate Class 2E1AYS 173
1st Place - Rookie Class M0OSA 99
High Score, Non-Member N2BJ 274

Both during the year and in a final review at the end of the year, some of the credits originally uploaded by participants were removed.  These adjustments were made for obvious logging errors, busted calls, or uploads made after the final deadline of 5 January 2015.   Thanks are due to Alan 5B4AHJ for his diligence during the year in maintaining all the exceptions in Club Log!

Without Club Log, which allows quasi-real-time tracking of everyone’s progress, the CDXC DX Marathon Challenge would not exist – thank you Michael and all of the Club Log team for making such a useful tool available!  Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to all in the 2015 CDXC DX Marathon Challenge!

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