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2022 CDXC DX Marathon Challenge

During 2022 as cycle 25 develops we saw an increase in DXCC’s worked particularly in the higher bands 10m and 12m but a decline in DXCC’s on the lower bands. The Challenge was taken up by many and was available throughout the year for spectator participation.

This DXCC Challenge has rules which encourage all types of station through its membership to compete against even the large DX stations and in doing so gives the smaller stations the opportunity to improve year on year through checking their updated logs by using Club Log and LOTW.

This year’s lead station in the SSB section Rob, MW0RLJ with a score of 235 DXCC’s is not eligible to receive the SSB Trophy as he won the trophy in 2020 (any Trophy may be won by an operator only once in any 3 year period). Great score nonetheless Rob - you will get a certificate to recognise your effort.

In the all-modes challenge, the Club Log Trophy is awarded to Oscar Luis, EA1DR

In the CW challenge, the GM4FAM Trophy is awarded to Dick, PA3FQA

In the Phone challenge, the G3NUG Trophy is awarded to Gert, PA2LO

In the Data (MGM) challenge, the President’s Trophy is awarded to Atilano, PY5EG

The top Intermediate category was won by Lee 2E0LMA.

The top scoring Foundation category was won by Darren M3DFW

No Rookies entered this year.

All scores announced are totals after adjudication. 

The final rankings for the winners were:


 Call Sign


 Overall Winner - Club Log Trophy & Salver



 CW High Score - GM4FAM Trophy & Salver



 SSB High Score - G3NUG Trophy & Salver



 MGM High Score – President’s Trophy & Salver



 2nd Place Overall - certificate



 3rd Place Overall - certificate



 2nd Place CW - certificate



 3rd Place CW - certificate



 Highest Score Phone – Certificate MW0RLJ 235

 2nd Place Phone - certificate



 3rd Place Phone - certificate



 2nd Place MGM - certificate



 3rd Place MGM - certificate



 1st Place - Foundation Class- certificate



 1st Place - Intermediate Class- certificate



 1st Place - Rookie Class- certificate



 High Score, Non-Member Overall - certificate



 High Score, Non-Member CW - certificate



 High Score, Non-Member Phone - certificate



 High Score, Non-Member MGM - certificate



Our thanks as ever to Michael, G7VJR and the Club Log team for hosting the tables and assisting the adjudication process.

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