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The DX News Sheet (DXNS) Archive

Geoff Watts BRS-3129 (SK) was a keen SWL and founded the DX News Sheet. He was its editor from 1962-1982 at which point he passed the rights to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).  Other editors upheld the tradition until the final DXNS was produced in mid 1999.  In the early days, Geoff and his wife, Marjorie, produced the DX News Sheets on a hand-cranked copier, folded and placed them into small brown envelopes and posted them around the world.

Geoff was the first SWL to receive confirmations from all 40 CQ Zones in 1958, the first British SWL with 300 countries confirmed and was #1 on the SWL DXCC Honor Roll for many years. For his efforts as editor, inventing the IOTA Programme and many other services to the DX community, Geoff Watts was elected to the CQ DX Hall of Fame in 1977, the only non-licenced amateur ever to be so honoured. Geoff Watts passed away in 1994.

The aim of this archive is to collect, digitise and make available every copy of the DXNS. You will see that there are some missing copies and we would like to hear from anyone who could loan us the missing copies for digitising.

 Acknowledgements are due to the following:

  • Alan, 5B4AHJ/G3PMR for initiating the project
  • Steve, GW4BKG, a keen supporter of the project from the outset, who with John, EA5ARC/G3OLU and Roger, G4XRX has diligently tracked down many of the missing copies of DXNS, and also made available many of his own copies for digitizing.
  • Martin, G3ZAY who undertook the time-consuming task of scanning all the documents at Michael, G7VJR’s Third Light company and Phil, 2E0DPH at Cambridge Print Solutions who scanned the A3 documents.
  • Michael, G7VJR and Third Light, who provided the scanning/digitising facility and expertise, and who host the archive.  Third Light is able to search inside the PDFs and provides accurate results, instantly bringing decades of history back to life.

 Copyright Statement

The documents and data contained within this archive are solely for personal use. No part of these documents may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, for commercial gain. Some of the DX News Sheet material is © Radio Society of Great Britain and reproduced with their kind permission.


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