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CDXC Merchandise

CDXC Membership Badges

As of June 2023 new supplier being sought hence badges not currently available.

CDXC badges, personalised with your name and callsign, can be ordered here.

£10.00 including post/packing to UK




These cards, personalised with the member’s name, callsign and address, can be obtained direct from  Hertfordshire Display plc.

Please click here for ordering  information and prices.



CDXC Clothing

We are able to offer a range of high quality CDXC clothing through suppliers Aquarian. All items are available in a choice of colours containing an embroidered CDXC logo and your callsign, also embroidered. The CDXC logo is red and gold and your callsign is in red.

Please click here for ordering information and prices..


Placing Orders and Payment Information

Except where indicated otherwise (above), cheques should be made payable to CDXC and drawn on a UK bank. No foreign cheques please. Payment can also be made by online bank transfer by contacting the Treasurer

Please send your payment to:

Gordon Rolland, G3USR,
The Lodge,
3B Reeves Lane,
OAKHAM,     LE15 8SD


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