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Funding DXpeditions

CDXC is probably one of the ten largest contributors to DXpeditions world-wide.

Criteria for Support

  1. The DXpedition should have a good chance of working a significant number of stations in the British Isles (say 100+ different stations). This is evaluated by considering the following:
    • The general organisation of the DXpedition 
    • The stated plans to work Europe
    • The equipment to be used, specifically linears and beam antennas.

  2. The country being activated must be well up the wanted lists, say in the top quartile.
  3. The team should comprise at least four operators of whom some are well known.
  4. The QSO target should be significant, perhaps in excess of 15,000.
  5. The application for funds should normally be made in advance of the DXpedition. However, the Committee may offer a donation to groups which have not applied in order to secure valuable visibility for the Club.
  6. Special consideration is given to applications from Club members and groups with a predominance of less-experienced or younger operators. In such cases some of the above guidelines may be relaxed.

Support of IOTA Expeditions

CDXC makes a significant annual donation to the Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF) which specifically supports rare IOTA expeditions. However, we will consider requests for sponsorship of 'second tier' IOTA DXpeditions which typically appear in 15% to 20% of IOTA logs (as shown on the RSGB IOTA website). We will also consider directly sponsoring some high-profile IOTA DXpeditions.


The DXpedition shall agree to CDXC's conditions of sponsorship which are included in the online application form (see the link at the bottom of this page)

For an insight into what's involved in organising a major DXpedition we recommend a book called "DXpeditioning - Behind the Scenes", written by members of the CDXC 9M0C Spratly team. It is not a story of the DXpedition but draws heavily on the experiences at 9M0C and on many other DXpeditions.

In making donations to expedition groups, we work closely with both the RSGB HF DXpedition Fund and the Scottish GMDX Group.


To apply for CDXC's support, please use our online application form.

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