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More SK station accessories - offers please!

  • 29 May 2017 16:54
    Message # 4858409

    I'm helping Mavis, XYL of G3GHS, to sort and sell Geoff's radios and accessories.  There's a lot of them, so I'm listing them in batches as we inspect, check for accessories, manuals and boxes.

    All items below are in excellent condition, unmodified, some in original boxes and from a non-smoking home. All were working when last used by Geoff.  Where the original manual is present, I'll mention it specifically.  No mention means it's the 'bare' item only.  All prices exclude post and packing.

    Additional items now available:

    Kent dual-lever paddle

    Kent straight key

    BHI Noise Eliminating Speaker (boxed)

    ICOM HM-36 mic (boxed)

    Kuranishi RP-120 Dummy Load/Power Meter

    Yaesu SP2000 speaker

    Heil Proset headset (no adaptor cable)

    Heil Proset Plus headset (no adaptor cable)

    FRG7700 with FRT7700 and FRV7700

    From previous ads, the following items below are still available. 

    Mavis would really like to clear these so is open to sensible offers.


    Kenwood 13.8V PSU  PS-53   £80 (boxed)

    ICOM SP-20 Speaker   £90

    MFJ-461 Pocket Morse Reader £50 (no box)

    If you're ready to buy, call Mavis Holland on 01726 843487.  If you have questions, call me on 01803 712976 or email to my profile address. 73, David G3WGN
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