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  • 23 Oct 2010 10:22 | Tim Beaumont

    Along with Dave G3NKC, Martin G4XUM and Fred G4BWP, I am heading to the Seychelles to operate as S79K in this year's CQWW SSB contest.

    Depending on access to the web from S7 I will be aiming to upload our expedition log to Club Log. Hope to meet you on the air. Our plan is CW before the contest, SSB during the contest. We will be using some interesting antenna arrays so chances are good you'll hear us, if we've got it right! ;-)

    Cheers and vy 73, Michael G7VJR

  • 21 Oct 2010 20:20 | Tim Beaumont

    Ref the Sable Island Dxpedition....

    DX World kindly gave me permission to forward this latest news.

    Today, prior to our planned departure to Sable Island on Saturday, a major safety issue was discovered with the charter aircraft that requires repair before we can fly. As of this writing, parts have not yet been located and it is estimated that acquiring parts and completing the repairs will extend as much as 3 weeks or longer.

    Thus, we will be returning to the US to “regroup” and reschedule a return for another try. Hopefully, a new date can be announced in the near future. Info and details will be posted on the website, as they develop. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.

    22 October, FRIDAY - 1300 UTC:  (No Flight)
    Weather Delay continues in effect for today due to high winds.  The next flight attempt will be 23 October, Saturday - 1500 UTC pending the check on flight conditions on Saturday at about 1100 UTC.
    Web site will be updated as information becomes available. ( ) Thanks to everyone for your patience. We are eager and ready to go.  The plane has been preloaded with our equipment and supplies.
    Randy - N0TG/CY0

    21 October, Thursday We were to fly today.  The Flight to Sable today is a NO-GO.  Bad weather and beach conditions.  (Thursday- 1500UTC).
    Conditions are NOT expected to improve much for Friday 22  Oct. But it is being watched very carefully.
    Our best opportunity make take until MONDAY - 25 OCT....Will just have to be patient and see.  In a hotel in Halifax and staying in touch with our pilot.
    IF WE GET DELAYED until  MONDAY....we will EXTEND the dxpedition date past 10/29 to perhaps 1 or 2 November.  Updates the best we can on    73, Randy - N0TG

  • 15 Oct 2010 10:56 | Charles Wilmott (Administrator)
    An international team will activate Kanton Island for 9 days starting mid April 2011. An additional day may be added depending on the sailing time to the island. Transportation has been arranged, all licenses are assigned and the permit is in its final stage of processing.
    There will be six stations, 160 through 10 (SSB /CW/RTTY).
    There are a few berths available on the boat. For those interested in joining the team, please contact W2IJ at for details.
  • 13 Oct 2010 14:30 | Tim Beaumont

    G3VDB Jim has news of his forthcoming trip to the Maldive Islands.


    I shall be in the Maldives from 24 Oct 2010 for two weeks on Bandos Island, Locator MJ64RG.

    My 8Q7EJ licence has been re-issued.

    Subject to hotel permission I hope to be active for intermittent holiday operation during that period mostly on 20m CW.


    ICOM IC-7000 to Ground Plane or other vertical to be decided.

    Last year I worked just 9 UK stations some of those by sked. With more experience, hope to hear some of you and break the EU wall better this year.

    Jim G3VDB / 8Q7EJ

  • 12 Oct 2010 21:23 | Tim Beaumont

    To Our Supporters:  (Financial, Technical, Administrative)

    All is set for the operation to commence on 21 October.  The CY0 Sable Team expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support.  The donations by individuals as well as the many who make up the “clubs/Foundations” supporting the dxpedition have been very helpful and encouraging.  While we do not have the list of individuals who are members of the organizations, hopefully they can be made aware of our appreciation for the support as well.  Feel free to forward a copy of this email for their information.


    Additionally, there have been several folks behind the scenes who provided information and technical assistance during the planning stage…thanks to all for their time assisting us. 


    To the JA supporters via JA1ELY - Toshi, a special thank you.

    And, a special expression of thanks also to Gerry Forbes and Al Wilson, the Officers in Charge on Sable for their assistance and hospitality.


    Callsigns are as follows.

                       N0TG/CY0    – Randy

                       AI5P/CY0     - Rick

                       VE1RGB/CY0 – Gary



    Preferred frequencies are listed on the Home Page of the WEB:  www.CY0dxpedition.  Although, these are generally traditional dxpedition frequencies, we will be sensitive to others using the frequencies and be prepared to change as needed, especially with several dxpeditions going on at the same time.  Thus, as you hear us on frequencies other than those “advertised”, posting us on the DX Spotting clusters will be helpful and appreciated.


    Planned Travel and Startup:

              Tuesday –      October 19 –Team arrives in Halifax, Canada

              Wednesday – October 20 – final logistics preparation for charter Flight to Sable

              Thursday –     October 21 – Morning Charter Flight to Sable Island.

    We are optimistic that all stations will be on the air by 2300 UTC or so Oct 21.  If not all stations, then at lease partial and then we will finish install the next day.


    Congingency Plans:

    If weather or beach conditions are not suitable for flying on Thursday, Oct 21, we will try again the following day – Friday, Oct 22.  If conditions are not acceptable on Friday, then our next opportunity will be on Monday – 25 October.  We will attempt to post a Status on the web


    QSL information:  (QSLs will include Sable Photos, so we’ll need several weeks after the conclusion of the operation to finalize design and printing.)


    For individuals who have donated in advance of the dxpedition, we will search the log and send you a QSL card automatically.  No further action required on your part. 

    For others, there are options for QSLing and those details/instructions are listed on the WEB:


    For convenient, fast and efficient QSLing, we are encouraging everyone to consider the ONLINE QSL REQUEST method. Whatever method is chosen, it will be our pleasure to provide a beautiful photo QSL.   And, as promised…individual supporters will be listed on the QSL card as well as logos of organizations as a small token/recognition of our appreciation.  Logs will be uploaded to LOTW after we take care of the bulk of direct QSLing.  (some of the European organizations will assist with QSLs for “their” members through their club)



    We do our best to provide a balanced operation to satisfy the needs and desires of all and to assure it is a FUN time and promotes our wonderful hobby.   The focus is to work as many stations on as many bands as we can.  While the main emphasis is CW and SSB, there will be some time devoted to RTTY as well.


    Thanks to all for your interest, for telling others, assistance and support…we are excited and ready to go.  See you soon from Sable; There are other names I likely should list on the distribution I and apologize if my organization skills failed.  This has been an exciting adventure thus far and more yet to come.  We will work hard!!  See you soon.


    The 2010 Sable Team  -  73,

              N0TG/CY0    (  )

    AI5P/CY0     (   )

              VE1RGB/CY0 (   )



  • 11 Oct 2010 11:10 | Michael Wells (Administrator)
    The stunning new CDXC posters, as seen at the RSGB Convention, are now available for download as PDFs.

    Click here to open the downloads page

    The posters are high quality sources, so the files are around 15MB each in size.

  • 10 Oct 2010 23:04 | Tim Beaumont

    At this weekend's RSGB Convention, Neville Cheadle G3NUG announced the next FSDXA DXpedition, to take place in September/October of next year (2011). A first press release follows, Many thanks in advance for your interest.  Regards

    Don Field G3XTT

    FSDXA Publicity Officer


    The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) is pleased to announce its next DXpedition, to Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island, T32) to take place in September/October 2011. FSDXA, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), the UK DX Foundation, is the group which brought you the 1998 9M0C Spratly Islands DXpedition, the record-breaking 2001 D68C DXpedition to the Comoros and, subsequently, the 2004 3B9C Rodrigues and 2007 3B7C St.Brandon DXpeditions.


    Once again, Yaesu have kindly agreed to be Global Sponsor, and will be providing sixteen FT-5000 transceivers along with a similar number of Quadra VL-1000 linears. UK amateur radio retailers Martyn Lynch & Sons and Nevada are also committed to sponsoring the operation.


    It is hoped that the callsign T32C will be allocated. The “C” in the callsign stands for “CDXC”, the club from which the Five Star DXers Association was formed, and is also a reminder of the group’s previous successful operations.


    As with previous FSDXA expeditions, this will be a major effort, with a target of more than 150,000 QSOs. There will be up to sixteen stations on the air, using amplifiers along with monoband beams and vertical dipole arrays, 24 hours a day, for almost four weeks, including four weekends, around the autumn equinox when DX propagation on all bands is typically at its best.


    Our primary objective is to activate Christmas Island T32 with a view to giving as many DXers as possible a first contact with this rare DXCC entity and, as a secondary objective, to give as many band-slots as possible. While many experienced DXers have one or two contacts with Christmas Island, our focus, in addition to, making Christmas Island available to less well-equipped DXers, especially in Europe and the US East Coast, both of which are tough paths from the mid-Pacific, will be to help fill those missing band and mode slots, especially on LF and on RTTY.


    Club Log shows Kiritimati as 36th most wanted DXCC entity by European operators and 61st most wanted worldwide. It is even more sought after on the LF bands.

    A large number of amateurs from 13 different DXCC entities have already signed up for T32C, some for half the overall period, some for the whole operation. There will be 30 operators on site at any one time.


    Operator numbers have been determined to ensure that a full complement of stations can be manned whenever bands are open. Many of these operators have been with us before.  All bring experience not only of operating (usually multiple modes, often with a contesting background) but in terms of other essential skills. For example, we will have two medical specialists, antenna, RF and software specialists, and a range of other skills which will be essential in mounting a major operation so far from logistical support.


    At the time of writing, the team is expected to consist of 40 operators including:


    Falk DK7YY, Jens DL7AKC, Paul EI5DI, Dave EI9FBB, Gerard F2JD, Ian F5VKT/G3YBY, Michel FM5CD, Vincent G0LMX, Tony G0OPB, Nobby G0VJG, Don G3BJ, Neville G3NUG, Chris G3SVL, David G3UNA, Gordon G3USR, John G3WGV, Mike G3WPH, Don G3XTT, Mark G4AXX, John G4DRS, Nick G4FAL, Mike G4IUF, Justin G4TSH, Michael G7VJR, Clive GM3POI, Bob GU4YOX, Kazu JA1RJU, Jim KF7E, Bob MD0CCE, Bill N2WB, Arnie N6HC, Bob N6OX, Ronald PA3EWP, Pete SM5GMZ, Maury W3EF, Paul WF5T and Jay WX0B.


     It is also planned to take a young amateur, to gain valuable DXpedition experience, and sponsorship is already on hand to make this possible.


    At this time we are seeking contributions from sponsors to help defray the very significant logistics costs of this DXpedition. For example, there is limited electricity on the island so generators will have to be shipped. Most equipment has to be shipped by container via Tarawa. The team will then fly out to Christmas via Honolulu.


    All team members will be covering their own travel costs and accommodation on the island, and making a contribution to other (mainly logistics) costs, but there will still be a significant shortfall.


    Details of how to donate appear on our website which is now live. PayPal donations may be made directly via the site.

    All donations will be acknowledged.


    The logos of all DX clubs etc which have helped to sponsor the DXpedition will be shown on the QSL card, as will the names and callsigns of those who make an individual contribution in advance of the DXpedition (subject, in each case, to a certain minimum amount).


    This first Bulletin is intended mainly to alert you to our upcoming DXpedition. More information will be forthcoming in due course, and will be posted on our website ( as it becomes available.


    Don Field G3XTT, (              10 October 2010

    (FSDXA Publicity Officer)

  • 03 Oct 2010 07:14 | Tim Beaumont
    I received an email today from Eddie De Young VK4AN, i thought would interest many CDXC members. Eddie informs us of a new group for those interested in Pacific DXing.
    "PACIFIC DXERS" is born! For anyone interested in DXing in the Pacific or Pacific DXing! Visit our web site for more information:
  • 27 Sep 2010 15:27 | Tim Beaumont

    More news now from one of the forthcoming activities that CDXC sponsored in 2011.

    Countdown to The Spratlys

    With 100 days to go before DX0DX hits the ham bands there is mounting interest in making contact with the DX Special Entity, The Spratlys, over three weeks 6-24 January 2011.


    DXpedition Team Leader, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY - DU8/VK3FY said “With equipment starting to arrive in the 

    Philippines including the Titanex V160E vertical the excitement is mounting.

     “Currently 31 operators are confirmed while a number of positions are still available should any DX operator wish to join the team."


     “The authority given to the DXpedition permits a maximum of 30 operators on the island at the same time. With the DXpeditioners assigned to three separate groups on the island for different durations, the total numbers can exceed 30.”


    While set to maximise the QSOs the DXpedition includes medical doctors who are also making a humanitarian contribution to the island.


    This is acknowledged in a 'Certificate of prior approval and consent' from the M

    unicipality of Kalayaan , dated 14 September setting out the duration and nature of the DX0DX operation.


    It is signed by the Mayor Eugenio B. Bito-Onon Jr, who is very welcoming of the DXpedition and states on the Certificate "The Municipality of Kalayaan is also in favor of the humanitarian medical mission, to provide medical checkup of all the island's inhabitants".


    In other news, ICOM has announced that DX0DX will have the new IC-9100 available for the VHF/UHF station. It will be fitted with a UX-9100 23cm module.  This transceiver is to be coupled to M2inc yagi's on 6m, 2m, 70cm & 23cm.


    For the sought after 6m band the antenna is the 6m7 while the 2m radiator is the 2m9ssb. These two bands will supported by the OM2006 6m amplifier and 2m with a Commander 1kW amplifier.


    Also there will be beverage complete systems supplied by HiZ Antennas, which Chris VK3FY - DU8/VK3FY said, “Should provide great ears for the low bands, which is an area DX0DX will be concentrating on.”


    An interesting development is that some of the DXpeditioners have been downsizing through weight loss, their destination has also gotten smaller in recent years under the ravages of sea erosion.  


    The team, and in particular the DX0DX Station Layout Coordinator David Collingham K3LP, is awaiting the results of a new photographic high-tide survey of the latest beach conditions where the various operating camps are to be relocated.


    Chris VK3FY - DU8/VK3FY said a dozen operators are tasked as an advance crew with setting up four camps on the island to enable DX0DX to have a big presence on the bands.


    The CW camp is at the northern edge of the island while SSB operating will be in the south, with the other two being dedicated for RTTY/Digital and VHF/UHF.


    The DX0DX.Net website online survey, after 4,600 votes, currently has 160m as the most desired band for this top forty wanted DX entity.  A TITANEX V160E vertical with a minimum of 32 radials will be erected for that band right on the beach. The intended frequencies are 1824 (CW) and 1840 (SSB).  


    The 80m band is also highly sought and CW (3504) and SSB (3790) signals on that band will radiated from two independent 4-square antenna arrays.


    The other HF bands, including the WARC ’79 allocations, are fairly even in the online survey. The 6m band has a relatively strong demand and a 7-element beam is to be used for contacts on the magic band.


    In relation to the preferred modes, the survey has CW remaining in the highest demand. This is of no surprise to the operators assigned to the CW camp.


    With 1,400 votes cast so far, SSB and RTTY a steady in second and third place respectively, with PSK31 attracting 7% of the votes which although low will still yield thousands of contacts.


    The recently announced addition of moon bounce to DX0DX also has the EME exponents thinking about the possibilities.


    Funding support and individual contributions towards this major DXpedition continue to arrive and are gratefully acknowledged on the website.

    Jim Linton VK3PC


    Public Affairs DX0DX


  • 22 Sep 2010 19:24 | Tim Beaumont
    The Sebatik Island OC-295 Team are ready for the long drive from their base in Kota Kinabalu. 9M6XRO John sent me his latest log update today with the following text.

    "I just thought I'd clear the decks before leaving for Sebatik Island in the morning so I will send you the 9M6XRO log up to date. We have the CRV all packed and ready to roll at 6am in about 7 hours time for the 550km to Tawau, overnight there, then boat to Sebatik about noon L/T on the 24th. We hope to have at least one station on by the 24th evening but I think we can manage to get both set up with a bit of luck. We met the deputy headmaster of the Wallace Bay school for lunch today in KK and from his description things have improved a lot since 2006 and sounds like we will have no problem setting up the two stations and antennas on the jetty which he says is 300 ft long with lighting along its length.

    OK, we'll see. I'll get this off to you then pack the laptop - and my camera this time! 

    73 - John - 9M6XRO"

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