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  • 01 Jan 2011 07:57 | Tim Beaumont

    New Zealand DX Hall of Fame Citations - 2011

    The New Zealand DX Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to honour those outstanding ZL DXers and contesters who have excelled in our radio sport hobby over many years. The current panel of judges includes Ken McCormack ZL1AIH, Duncan McMahon ZL3JT and Bill Carney ZL3NB.


    Previous winners have included, Roy ZL4BO, Ron ZL1AMO and Jock ZL2GX (SK) in 2009. Winners in 2010 included Dave ZL1AMN, Aola ZL1ALE and Dave ZL1HY (SK)

    This year, after much deliberation the judges were unanimous in their selection and have elected the next three ZL radio amateurs to the New Zealand DX Hall of Fame for 2011. Their individual citations are below.


    John N. Shaw ZL1BYZ

    The election of John Shaw, ZL1BYZ as the 7th inductee to the NZ DX

    Hall of Fame recognizes his extraordinary abilities as a contester and DXer. Licensed in 1983, John has proven to be a prolific contest operator and amazing DXer with most of his operations on CW. He usually places highly in major international contests and generates enormous pileups when he operates from his Pukekohe farm. John was a member of the ZL6QH contest group, ZL7T DXpedition, ZL6LH Light House team and a long time active member of the Papakura Radio Club.


    He has won the Doug Gorman Frequency measuring contest and numerous Jock White Field Day contests. He was recently made a member of the ARRL A-1 Operators Club. John will be joining the ARRL DXCC Club soon with an initial entry of over 300 countries. He contributes much to the sport of Amateur Radio Contesting and DXing in

    New Zealand .

    We wish John well in the future and hope that he will enjoy having the NZ DX HoF

    award plaque on his shack wall.


    Bryan Anderson ZL2AFT

    The election of Bryan Anderson as the 8th inductee to the NZ DX Hall of Fame recognizes his superb DXing skills and outstanding contribution to the sport of radio DXing.

    Licensed in 1954,


    Bryan has a long history of working DX with his own homebuilt equipment and had over 200 countries confirmed by by 1975. In 2009 he achieved DXCC #1 Honor Roll with 354 confirmed, mostly with antique Drake equipment and a homebuilt Quad. Bryan has given outstanding service to his local radio club and assisted many ZLs to achieve DX in the pile-ups. He has always tried to keep the hobby in perspective and not let it interfere with the more important things in life, such as his family and his work as a Polytech lecturer in Palmerston North.

    We wish

    Bryan well in the future and hope that he will enjoy having the award plaque on his wall.


    Peter W. Watson ZL3GQ (SK)

    To the Family of Peter Watson

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Peter Watson, ZL3GQ (SK) has been elected to the New Zealand DX Hall of Fame.

    The posthumous election of Peter as the 9th inductee to the NZ DX Hall of Fame recognizes Peter’s extraordinary and unselfish contribution to the sport of Amateur Radio DXing in


    New Zealand . From his 5.5 acre on the outskirts of Christchurch he achieved 323 entities by 1997, DXCC HR in CW, DXCC HR in Phone, 5BDXCC with 160m Endorsement, 5BWAZ Award #29, 160WAZ Award #26.

    His passion was 160M and CW. He routinely set CQWW contest records and recorded the first ZL to VS6 top band contact. As an FOC member he was awarded the prestigious Al Slater award by the FOC committee for outstanding services to amateur radio. He was also a member of the ARRL A-1 Operators Club and a team member of the May 1996 ZL8RI DXpedition to

    Raoul Island in the Kermadecs. He was an outstanding ZL radio amateur for decades. His last contest was in February 1998 and he became a SK on March 27 of that year.

    This award honours Peter’s wonderful DXing and Contesting skills and will attest to how accomplished this great New Zealand DXer was.


    We offer our heartiest congratulations to these three outstanding ZL radio amateurs who have been elected to the New Zealand DX Hall of Fame in 2011.

    Thanks to Ken, Duncan and Bill for their work in selecting the inductees.

    New Zealand has a rich history of producing world renowned DXers and Contesters. We are delighted that these ZL DXers have been recognized. They are among the best of New Zealand amateur DXers.

    73, Lee Jennings ZL2AL

    New Zealand DX Hall of Fame Panel Convener

  • 15 Dec 2010 15:20 | Tim Beaumont

    Richard G3RWL informs us that he will be activating his 8P6DR callsign 22 Feb to 15 March 2011, including BERU contest.

    Plans at an early stage for IOTA somewhere in the caribbean.

    chard says "I have used the 'most wanted' list from clublog to make up a list of possible dxpedition destinations. List includes danger, distance, access, and ease of licensing."


  • 14 Dec 2010 16:48 | Tim Beaumont

    Andy G3SVD reminds us that he is often in Mexico signing as XE1/G3SVD QRV on 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m and will try also some low bands too.

    Look out for Andy XE1/G3SVD QSL Via G3SVD 

  • 14 Dec 2010 15:57 | Tim Beaumont

    The date for the CDXC AGM & Summer Social 2011 is Saturday 16th July.

    Venue is likely the QTH of Neville, G3NUG, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Leominster, Herefordshire.

  • 14 Dec 2010 15:56 | Tim Beaumont

    The CDXC Annual Dinner 2011 will again be held this year at the Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre in Bedfordshire on Saturday March 19th.
    The cost of a ticket and registration information will be announced in the New Year.

  • 26 Nov 2010 15:08 | Tim Beaumont

    The Spratlys DXpedition gets wings


    With just over 40 days to go before the month-long DX0DX DXpedition, comes news that the operators will now fly to Thitu (Pag-Asa) island rather than taking a 30 hour plus trip by sea.


    Team Leader, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said while flying had been an option in early planning, when the boat that would have ferried the operators was damaged in heavy sea and needing substantial repairs, aviation transport to and from the island became available.


    The charter of a twin-engined aircraft adds to the expense of the DXpedition and the personal costs for all taking part in it. Smaller sea transport will still be used to get equipment and supplies to the island.


    The 37 operators from 15 countries are ready to arrive and take part in three teams to put DX0DX on air from 6 January to 1 February 2011, including the CQ World Wide 160m CW Contest. The special DX entity The Spratlys Islands (IOTA AS-051) will have a big presence on all bands.


    Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said, ‘There is a real excitement within the amateur radio community about this particular DXpedition, and most of the operators just can't wait to be part of action.


    ‘It is much more than activating a rare DX spot. There is no doctor or health service on the island. As part of a humanitarian contribution, two DXpedition members who are doctors, Josette Docherty VK2FXGR and Edward Soriano 4F1OZ, will provide medical checks to the island's residents.’


    It was announced today that Amateur Radio Victoria VK3WI had voted to make a substantial donation directly to purchase medical supplies for use as part of the humanitarian effort.


    In other news, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY announced that for the 160m band DX0DX will have two 65 foot Top Hat phased verticals and a back-up Titanex V1602E antenna.


    “The DXpedition will be doing its utmost to satisfy the demand for contacts on the Top Band, as demonstrated by it having the highest sought after rating in the DX0DX website online survey,” he said.


    All equipment for the DXpedition will have arrived in The Philippines. Earlier it was reported how eight HF Yagi antennas had been pre-assembled and tuned, ready for construction and erection on the island.


    The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) has appointed DX0DX team member, Dindo Garcia DV1UD, as the

    PARA liaison person to handle all Bureau of Customs requirements.


    Thank you to the generous corporate sponsorship that makes the DXpedition possible by providing equipment and other needs, plus funding support from DX groups, clubs, and individual radio amateurs.


    For more information about the DXpedition please check out the website which has just been extensively updated.


    Jim Linton VK3PC, Public Affairs, DX0DX DXpedition

    26 November 2010 


  • 19 Nov 2010 15:10 | Tim Beaumont

    Below are a few ‘bullet’ items regarding status as of today and the path forward for the DX'pedition:

    Sable Island DX'pedition Update

    Formal permit has been issued by the Canadian Coast Guard to access

    Sable Island for the new dates.

    Special equipped charter aircraft for beach landing is available and scheduled for 6 December.


    Dxpedition team to meet in

    Halifax and prepare final logistics details with VE1RGB’s assistance on 5 December.

    Scheduled Flight to Sable early morning – Monday, 6 December.

    Targeting to be ON AIR by 2100 UTC.


    Keeping our fingers crossed. 73, Randy N0TG

  • 04 Nov 2010 14:43 | Tim Beaumont

    Going to plan: The Spratlys DXpedition 6 January to 1 Feb 2011.


    A recent meeting chaired by the DX0DX DXpedition Team Leader, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY reviewed progress achieved so far with only 60 days to go until special DX entity The Spratlys (IOTA AS-051) hits the amateur bands.


    The meeting was attended by the DX0DX Co-Leader and Webmaster Peter Dernikos VK3FGRC, Public Affairs Officer Jim Linton VK3PC, and team members Keith Proctor VK3FT, Lee Moyle VK3GK and Nik Dimitrijevic VK3FNIK.

    It heard that the pre-assembly, erection and tuning of eight HF yagi antennas in Fontana California went extremely well with the antennas tuned as per instructions to their allotted bands.


    The antennas are three TW-33-XL 30-17-12m band 3-element tri-banders, three TA-33-M 20-15-10m 3-element tri-banders, and two 4-element mono-banders for 20m.

     Each was then partly disassembled breaking down into four parts for allow for quick installation once they reach the island. Masts, rotators, masts and cabling have all been finalised.


    Other main equipment includes ten ICOM IC7600 transceivers (four each for CW and SSB, plus two on digital modes), an IC9100 (6m, 2m, 70cm  & 23cm), eight generators with associated electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, 11 laptop computers, four SteppIR Verticals, 1x 2 element SteppIR Yagi, 2x 80m 4sq's, 2x 40m 4sq's, 6x OM Power OM3500HF amplifeirs, 3x ACOM1000 amplifies, 1x OM Power OM2006 6m amplifier, 1x ACOM 1010 Amplifier, 2x Thamway amplifiers, 1x Commander 144MHz Amplifier, headsets, foot switches and interfaces.


    Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said, "Well done to the Station & Planning Co-ordinator David Collingham K3LP for organising and attending the Pre-Assembly Gathering and also DXpedition logistics coordinator Charles Spetnagel W6KK for his understanding in having all the equipment dispatched to his QTH and also being part of the Pre-Assembly Gathering.”


    Special thanks for their hands-on contribution in this important phase of the exercise goes to DX0DX Team Leader Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY, Nik Dimitrijevic VK3FNIK, Arnie Shatz N6HC, Bob Grimmick N6OX, West Coast Pilot Milt Garb W6QE, Dennis Juniper N7DDU, Byron Hunsaker NF6T and Richard Briano, who all attended the Pre-Assembly and Container loading gathering in Fontana, California over the weekend of 30-31 October.


    The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) has appointed DX0DX team member, Dindo Garcia DV1UD, as the

    PARA liaison person to handle all in coming equipment shipments, and liaise with the Bureau of Customs in respect of all equipment for the DXpedition.

    Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said, “A new high tide photographic survey commissioned by the DXpedition has confirmed that the island's coastline and available beach has dramatically changed from what was previously known, due to rising sea levels and sea erosion.


    “This has meant a change in some aspects of the location of antennas and operating camps, but being fully aware in advance has enabled David Collingham K3LP the Station Layout Coordinator and other DX0DX Team members to ensure it does not have a significant impact of the DXpedition plans.”


    The four operating camps will use hand-held VHF/UHF transceivers, kindly provided by ICOM Amateur, for intercommunication.


    The meeting also had its lighter moments in discussing the island's resident goats and whether they could take a liking to coax cable, and if a diet high in vitamin B12-rich Marmite might ward off mosquitoes.


    In recent hours Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY has been informed that the boat hired to transport the team and its supplies to

    Thitu Island is now in need of extensive repair following damage sustained in very rough weather.


    “The official advice received is that it is doubtful repairs can be made before the team is due on the island. While this is a disappointment, with it occurring two months out from the DXpedition sufficient time remains to source a replacement vessel,” he said.


    The excitement continues about this major DXpedition that will see more than 37 radio amateurs from 15 Nations, who have made their individual substantial financial commitment to be part of the DX0DX operating team over the four weeks.  As part of a humanitarian contribution, two doctors, Josette Docherty VK2FXGR and Edward Soriano 4F1OZ are also to provide medical checks to the island's residents.


    In another development, Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said that the DXpedition is to be extended to accommodate the CQ World Wide 160m CW Contest. The

    Municipality of Kalayaan has agreed to the time extension.

    He said, while DX0DX was to go QRT on 24 January, a couple of individual and keen members have asked if they could stay on air for that contest when ends at 2200 UTC Sunday 30 January. This will now extend DX0DX activation to 1 Feb 2011.


    “This limited extension was carefully considered and agreed in light of strong interest from Top Band contesters and the 160m band being the highest sought after in the DX0DX website online survey.”


    The generous corporate sponsorship that makes the DXpedition possible by providing equipment and other needs, plus funding support from DX groups, clubs, and individual radio amateurs which is still being received. All are gratefully acknowledged on the DX0DX website.


    - Jim Linton VK3PC, Public Affairs DX0DX

    4 November 2010

  • 03 Nov 2010 16:11 | Tim Beaumont

    We are very excited; we have been able to put all the details together; the aircraft has been repaired and the Sable Island DX'pedition is back on the calendar. 


    The new dates are 6-13 December.  More details to follow on the website.


    Randy, N0TG


  • 01 Nov 2010 16:33 | Tim Beaumont

    Carlos Biasone PP5BI would like to inform CDXC members of some DX activity that he is doing with Amauri PP5BB.

    "Friends of DX ham radio enthusiasts, we are passing days starting 05/11/2010 for a period of 90 days or more,I Bias-PP5BI and Amauri-PP5BB. Are possible "operations" depends only on the release of these countries, 3A /, T77 /, HB0 /, HV5 /, C3 /, 1A /, 9H /, TK /,
    We count on the cooperation of friends QSL information via Tnx.
    73' DX Bias-PP5BI"

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