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  • 21 Mar 2010 14:30 | Tim Beaumont

    The 2010 Annual Dinner took place at the Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre on Saturday 20th March.

    60 CDXC Members and guests sat down to an excellent meal and were both informed and entertained by the after dinner speaker, Ken Cheetham G4RWD. Ken presented an interesting overview of OFCOM's Baldock based Operations Room and the field work that often results from their observations.
    Ian G3YBY, David M0VTG and others enjoy G7VJR Michael's Tutorial.JPGEarlier in the afternoon, Michael G7VJR demonstrated the new CMIS system and provided information on how members would be able to update their own personal data on the system and control the extent to which personal data can be shared with other Club members. Many of those present expressed their interest in the system's functions and complemented the way in which CMIS will help to make CDXC's administration systems more contemporary. This extended not only to the system's look and feel but also to the way in which it will allow Committee functions to be organised and shared where necessary.
    The next CDXC event will be the Summer Social which will be held at the QTH of Neville and Trish Cheadle on 17th July. It promises to be another knockout event.  Watch this space for details in the upcoming weeks!
    Pictured below: Richard G4CGG, Geoff G4FKA, Chris G3HNL, Ian G3YBY and David M0VTG listening intently to Michael G7VJR demonstrating CMIS.
    Richard, G4CGG, Geoff G4KFA, Chris G3NHL, Ian G3YBY and David M0VTG listen intently.JPG
  • 19 Mar 2010 19:08 | Tim Beaumont

    Mark M0UTD writes to say that he will be QRV as GM6TW from The Island Of Eigg EU-008 - WAB: NM48 - IARU Locator: IO66WV 

    Islands Of Scotland  Award: NH03 24th - 27th April 2010


    Mark goes on to say that" We look forward to your call on Eigg. Other members of the team are Graham MM0GHM and Gordon MM0GOR."

    QSL Direct to G0UZP Paul  - Bureau Cards To "GM"  Bureau Thanks


  • 16 Mar 2010 17:40 | Tim Beaumont
    Preliminary Announcement
    CDXC Members Gordon, G3USR and Tom, GM4FDM and four other DXpeditioners (PA1AW, PA1BDO, PA3EWP and PA5F) plan to be QRV from the State of Jersey for a week from Tuesday 29th June until Monday 5th July, 2010.
    The GJ website is now live at Jersey 2010 Expedition 
    It is hoped to activate most bands 160 - 10 metres, SSB and CW with RTTY a possibility.
    A particular focus of the trip will be 6 metres for which it is planned to have a big beam and maximum legal power. Hopefully, with the summer Es season in full swing (we hope) and some good tropo, contacts from EU-013 to the UK should be a breeze. We will also often be beaming USA and Caribbean, particularly later in the day. The locator will be IN89ve
    Operators will be signing GJ / homecall for Tom and Gordon and MJ / homecall for other team members. QSL via home calls.
    Further details later. Meantime if you are a 50 Mhz enthousiast and need GJ, please put us in your diary!
    Thanks and 73
  • 16 Mar 2010 15:25 | Charles Wilmott (Administrator)
    Well for those of us that were wondering where John G3LZQ had disappeared to during BERU, I can report he is safe and well! It was reported on the CDXC server that John was taken ill at the weekend whilst on Rodrigues Island and operating as 3B9WR.
    He had a fever and high temperature but after a brief visit to the Hospital, all was well again.
    He tells us:- " Had to quit BERU at 17z after wkg ZM4G On 80m."Important thing is he is back on his feet and "feeling 100%, But drinking rehydration salted water by the bucket."
    He was qrv again yesterday and has had very good signals into the UK on 12M CW during late morning. Have a safe trip back John!
  • 25 Feb 2010 16:42 | Tim Beaumont

    CDXC & South Cheshire Amateur Radio Society members report that they have just got all Permission from Eigg Trust to operate from The Island of Eigg.

    Team M0UTD / MM0GOR / MM0GHM

    24th - 27th April 2010  

    EU -008 - WAB: NM48 - IARU Locator: IO66WV - Islands Of Scotland Award: NH03

    We Look Forward To Your Call  QSL Via G0UZP Paul



  • 23 Feb 2010 19:48 | Tim Beaumont

    The IOTA dxpedition to the Southern Line Islands is lead by Nils-Göran Persson, SM6CAS.  The team comprises Nils-SM6CAS, Steve-G4EDG, Mike-K9AJ, Derek-G3KHZ, Steve 9M6DXX + 5 Kiribati Government officers.
    The callsigns will be T32MI, T32SI, T32CI and T32VI

    The team will sail on the SV Kwai from Kiritimati (Christmas Island) on approximately 17 March, 2010 returning to Kiritimati approx 18 April, 2010.

    OC-279 Malden Island (T32MI)

    OC-280 Starbuck Island (T32SI)

    OC-281 Caroline Island (T32CI)

    OC282 Vostok Island (T32VI)

    You can follow the progress of this activty at T32 IOTA

  • 28 Jan 2010 12:22 | Tim Beaumont

    As a member of CDXC and a listed operator for GB10GKA, please find details below as issued by the NoV applicant Tony G3ZRJ:


    Hi All,

    To mark the 10th Anniversary of the closure of the World's largest Maritime Radio Station Portishead Radio / GKA,  a special callsign GB10GKA  has been granted. 

    GB10GKA is being activated for a period of one month 30th April 2010 through 27 May 2010.

    Hours of operation will be dependent on individual operator's free time however, it is intended that the callsign will be active extensively throughout the licenced period.

    Operation will be primarily on CW.


    Operations will be on all HF bands from the following stations, each manned by an ex-GKA Radio Officer.


    G3YEC Rick 30 April thru 6 May QTH near Colchester,  Essex, England

    G3ZRJ Tony  7 May thru 13 May QTH near Hereford, Herefordshire,England

    GW3UOF  Mike 14  May thru 20  May QTH  near Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

    G3TJE/G4HLN  Pete/Larry  21 May thru 27 May QTH Nr Burnham on Sea, Somerset, England.


    Special Anniversary QSL cards will be produced to mark this historic event,  eQSL will alsobe used.


    Certificates for contacting GB10GKA on more than 4 HF bands will be available via soft copy thus at no cost to the winners.

    If you work us on more than 4 bands please contact G3ZRJ as shown below so that your certificate can be sent to you via email.

    Point of contact: Tony Roskilly G3ZRJ

    Information about Portishead Radio can be found at:

    Thanks for your cooperation 73   Tony Roskilly G3ZRJ Licence holder for GB10GKA

    73, Mike GW3UOF


  • 23 Jan 2010 11:26 | Tim Beaumont

    I have recently returned from a visit with my family to the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. Our visit included 5 days in the Kruger National Park. A slide show is available at Travel Webshots

    I am involved with Interface Travel in South Africa in the CQ DX African Safaris project. Our web pages are at 3DA0SS Web Page We can arrange DXpeditions and tours in Southern Africa in a variety of different countries. We have been involved with DXpeditions to Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia. We are planning a DXpedition to Mozambique in October 2010 to operate in CQWW SSB and also possibly JOTA. 73 David GI4FUM/EI4DJ/3DA0DJ

  • 19 Jan 2010 12:45 | Tim Beaumont

    After the enforced "vacation" in Waikiki, the plane to T32 is scheduled to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) at 18.30z for T32. The arrival time is around 23.00z.

    If all goes well, I look forward to working some CDXC members on the bands from Wednesday morning UK time. I have assurances about the antenna location, so we should not get a repetition of the issues in Polynesia. My sunset is around 04.40Z although I expect the LF bands to peak to UK around 06.00-08.00z. For the first evening (my time) I will probably start on 40m, and once I have the feel of the bands, give 80m a try on subsequent days at around 06.00, then move HF by band as propagation develops each day.

    2 Khz up from the bottom of the band, QSX up 1-2. GL to all 73 Don, G3BJ

  • 01 Jan 2010 15:36 | Tim Beaumont

    Ronald PA3EWP and Tom GM4FDM will be in Senegal for 2 weeks from 26th January until 9th February when they will operate from the rental shack at

    Operated by F4AHV/6W7RV. The shack is located about 70Km south of Dakar in the region of Somone and can be easily found on Google Earth.

    We plan to concentrate on CW on the LF Bands assisted on site by a Titanex Vertical which we shall put to use on 160 and 80m. Ronald will take a 4 square for 40m using fibre sticks whilst Tom will carry verticals for 30 and 17m. Tom will also carry out some RTTY. We shall attempt to be on the air sunrise/sunset for USA and Japan and hope that the path to Europe will not prove too troublesome.

    Monoband antennas are available for 20m,15m and 10m. A 5 ele yagi is available and we shall be using a K3 so a little 6m activity may also take place but this will be purely a secondary activity.

    Tom will attempt to upload HIS OWN logs to LOTW if the internet is available, if not they will be submitted immediately upon return home.

    Callsigns will be:

    6W/PA3EWP QSL to PA7FM

    6W/GM4FDM QSL to GM4FDM direct or Buro and LOTW

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