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CDXC Award of Merit Programme

The Award of Merit programme enables CDXC, on behalf of the UK amateur community, to give recognition to deserving amateurs "For outstanding and unselfish contributions to the field of HF amateur radio and DXing".

Recent winners were:




2008 VP6DX Ducie Island
2007 FSDXA Various
2004 3B9C Rodrigues Island
2001 D68C Comoro Islands
1999 ZL9CI Campbell Island
1998 9M0C Spratly Island
1997 VK0IR Heard Island







Earlier winners have included:




1994 G3SXW Roger Western ZD9SXW DX'pedition
1991 G3SXW, G3TXF & G3WVG H44SX/H44XF/H44VG DX'pedition
1988 SP6RT 5A0A DX'pedition
1987 LA1EE & 3Y2GV Peter Ist Island DX'pedition
1985 G4DYO Brendon McCartney
1984   Kermadec Island DX'pedition
1984 Fr Marshall Moran 9N1MM
83/84* BY1PK China
1983 G3LQP Roger Brown

SS Peter & Paul DXpedition

Cologne DX Group
1983 HK0TU Malpelo Island DX'pedition Team
* VK9NS Jim Smith
* W6JG & W6QL Lloyd & Iris Colvin
* Tom Christian VR6TC

* Date Unknown


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